w 3233 px

J.B. Verhoeven, Anvers.
The ferry boat to St. Anna.
mnwr07    26-12-1915, Antwerpen, Antwerpen to Friberg (Rekr. Depot).
w 3252 px

FVC Globe (American Photo Color,
New York). Fishing boats with 'B'
of Blankenberghe.
mnwr08    07-11-1915, Blankenberghe, Brügge (Belgien) to Sachsen.
w 3196 px
Belgian postcard.
Topographical cards ('here I am now')
are always in the majority, both
in times of peace and of war.
mnwr09    19-08-1915, Tournai, Namur (Belgien) to München. (Westfalen).
w 3256 px

V.E.D. (Dutch?).
St. Nicolas church.Nels/Ern. Thill,
mnwr10    08-03-1915, Gand, Gent (Südbhf) to Grossschonau (Sachsen).
w 3218 px

No mark (Belgian postcard).
Statue of the composer Grétry.
mnwr11    07-07-1915, Liège, Lüttich (= Liège) to bei Quedlinburg.
w 3237 px

Schlesische Lichtdruck Anstalt,
Breslau, 25795.
Ahlbeck was a popular seaside resort.
mnwr12    20-08-1914, Ahlbeck, Ahlbeck to Papenburg bei Hannover.