h 3304 px

SVD (Sächsische Verlagsanstalt,
Dresden), 6225/5.
The lady enjoys his letter.
mnwr31    1917, Your loving words, Poland to bei Magdeburg.
h 3144 px

PFB (Paul Fink, Berlin), 3580/3.
Another lady who enjoys the letter
she received.
mnwr32    15-05-1915, His letter, Augsburg to bei Erfurt.

h 3176 px

BV B, 1597/1.
mnwr33    01-04-1918, Young girl, Markoldendorf to Feldpost 966.
h 3224 px

AV B (Artagravure), 514.
Printed in England.
The lady is English too.
mnwr34    05-03-1915, Lady, Darmstadt (Uebungsplatz) to Giessen.

h 3160 px
NPG (Neue Photogr. Gesellschaft,
Berlin), 3272.
Do I love you? Ask it all the flowers
I sent you, made wet by my tears.
mnwr35    18-06-1916, Love's happiness, Edenkoben to Giessen (Hessen).
h 3176 px

S, 338/2.
mnwr36    21-05-1918, We dance 'ringelreihen', Brumby to Köln.