h 3256 px

J. Wielnd & Co, Berlin.
Welfare (baby care).
'Look into the world!'
mnwr37    18-08-1917, Baby, Scherrebeck (Schleswig) to Neumünster.
h 3240 px

F.B. den Boer, Middelburg, 438.
Occasionally Dutch postcards were
sent to Germany from Belgium.
This is one of them.
mnwr38    19-03-1915, Dutch children, Brussel to Berlin.

h 3176 px

Photochemie, Berlin, 3826/4.
'Faith makes strong.'
mnwr39    17-03-1917, Faith, Schwenningen to Feldpost 403.
h 3208 px

SB, 848. Embossed.
mnwr40    14-02-1915, Happy birthday, Berlin to Barig, Post Merenberg.

h 3160 px

No mark, 645.
mnwr41    27-07-1918, Lady, Schweinfurt to Stockhain (Bayern).
h 3208 px

No mark, 1445.
mnwr42    16-05-1918, Romantic couple, Stadt... to Wennenkamp.