h 3240 px

L&P, 1043. May God protect you.

In this gallery no photos of (fake)
soldiers appear, but only drawings,
paintings, symbols, slogans etc.
mpp01    10-06-1916, Berlin to Barig Post Merenberg.
h 3128 px

R&K L, 8090/1.
Until our early meeting again at home.

The postcards in this gallery were sent
TO or BY troops in active service.
The latter can have a military stamping
additional to the civil stamping.
mpp02    28-04-1915, Magdeburg Soest, Wilhelmshöhe.

h 3224 px

Sächsische Verlagsanstalt, Dresden,
8002/6. A morning greeting.
mpp03    30-10-1915, Sohland to a soldier in Russia.
h 3272 px

J. Wieland & Co, Berlin. Welfare postcard.
The German eagle wields his wings
protecting German mothers and children.
mpp04    11-12-1916, Erbach to Feldpost address.

h 3144 px

WS+SB (Wilhelm S. Schröder, Berlin),
457/5. We must win!
mpp05    19-12-1915, Gronow to Schwabenheim (Hessen).
h 3192 px

No mark, Serie III.
Capturing the first French standard.
Pure fiction.
mpp06    26-10-1914, Oehringen to Ludwigsburg.