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Albert Oesterreicher, Leipzig, 1205.
We fight for our old land
where our cradle stood.
mpp07    28-08-1916, Würzburg to Ludwigshafen a.Rh.
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A.R. & Co. i.B., no. 748.
The warmest socks are for my Hindenburg!
mpp08    21-06-1915, Darmstadt to Hainslingen near Seligenstadt.

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Kunstverlag Hohenzollern, Berlin.
Painter Artur Fischer.
Be assured of the people's gratitude.
mpp09    31-07-1916, Berlin to K.u.K. Feldpost 116.
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WS+SB, 990/III.
May God protect you.
mpp10    20-12-1915, Sohland to soldier in Russia.

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WS+SB, 991/VI.
There will be a seeing again
in our home country.
mpp11    08-10-1915, Sohland to soldier in Russia.
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HWB, K. 803/6.
The German people let themselves
not be destroyed.
mpp12    07-02-1916, Cöln to Sülldorf near Magdeburg.