h 3224 px

P.P. (Paul Pittius, Berlin).
Christmas greetings.
mpp25    19-12-1914, Auerbach to Feldpost address.
h 3336 px

Rotophot, Berlin (Tiefdruck). Welfare card.
Von Hindenburg.
mpp26    16-08-1915, Bingerbrück to the same.

h 3160 px

S DK, 621/6.
To dad, who can stop me?
mpp27    01-06-1916, Rodalben to Feldpost address.
h 3272 px

Gerh. Stalling, Oldenburg.
Party in hunger-castle.
We would like to be inside there too
(say the French).
mpp28    15-02-1917, Königsberg to Bremen.

h 3368 px

We will close your loud mouth, enemy!
An example of Hurrah-patriotismus.
mpp29    11-02-1915, Hildesheim to Braunschweig.
h 3256 px

PFB (Paul Fink, Berlin), 4213.
Artist R. de Witt.
On those fields won German arms
in heavy battles the new German Reich.
mpp30    16-11-1916, Hamburg to Offenburg.