w 3224 px

R&K L (Regel & Krug, Leipzig), 505.
Sieg bei Stallupönen. [fantasy]
mpp37    10-01-1915, Berlin to Sachsen.
w 3275 px

Rotes Kreuz, Ludwigshafen a. Rh.
'We barbarians' and 'a friend's service'.
mpp38    15-07-1915, ...loch (Pfalz) to Metz.
w 3235 px

F.M.K. 2040. Welfare postcard.
We want and have to be victorious.
mpp39    29-05-1915, Rodenkirchen (Rhein) to Köln.
w 3295 px

R&K L, 2635/2.
The war may be hard but we are
protected by a valiant army.
mpp40    21-07-1915, Augsburg to military address.
w 3278 px
No mark (Import). The pig of the regiment.
Handwritten on the pig: Nicht war, da
halten wir's noch aus (not true, we
still hold on).
mpp41    10-05-1918, Hammerstein to Schlesien.
w 3268 px

logo crossed swords, 5010.
Our action, God's blessing.
mpp42    15-06-1915, Leer (Ostfriesland) to St. Andreasberg (Harz).