w 3345 px
Wiener Rotophot.
Early in the war drawings replaced photos
of actual situations, like this attack on
Przemysl (Galicia).
mwe01    28-01-1915, Brod to Nieder Austra.
w 3216 px
Trinks & Co, Leipzig, Kr. 66.
Vom Ministerium genehmigt. Flandern
aus der Vogelshau, Dixmuiden in the
center, Ypern right bottom.
mwe02    07-05-1916, Mühlhausen (Thür) to Düsseldorf.
w 3250 px

No mark. To our eternal memory of
our field cross position at Frise a/Somme.
mwe03    28-05-1916, München to München (a lazarett).
w 3166 px
Georg Stilke Verlagsbuchhandel,
Berlin. Logo: K&C B.
Photo Kühlewindt. Location unclear.
mwe04    18-07-1916, Eydikuhnen [?] to Rheinland.
w 3243 px

No mark. Belgian pre war card of Mons.
mwe05    03-07-1917 (Bahnpost), to Schirmeck.
w 3180 px

Georg Silke, Brüssel. Photo Hauzel.
Main street. No location named.
mwe06    07-08-1918, Halle to Leipzig.